Poweramp Music Player Full v2.0.10


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 5.94MB
Category: Music & Audio

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Poweramp Music Player Full v2.0.10

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PowerAMP is a powerful music player for Android.
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Please check the frequently asked questions in the following description.
Key features:
- Supports mp3, mp4 / m4a (including alac), ogg, wma *, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff (* some wma pro files may require NEON support)
- Optimized 10-band graphic equalizer for all supported formats and for all the default configurations and user programmable
- Powerful separate adjustment of bass and treble
- Expansion stereo, mono mixing, balance
- Crossfade
- Gapless playback
- Replay gain
- Plays songs in folders and in own library
- Dynamic queue
- bolster for texts, including lyrics find via plugin musiXmatch
- Embedded and standalone .cue files support
- bolster for m3u playlist, M3U8; pls, wpl
- Animation of the covers based upon OpenGL
- Download the mask images missing
- 4 types of configurable widget
- Configurable lock screen together optional Direct Unlock
- Headset support, automatic restart of play for connecting headphones and / or bluetooth accessories (can be disabled in the settings)
- scrobbling
- Editor of tags
- Display themes, including bolster for interfaces developed by third parties
- Quick scan of the library
- High level of customization via settings
This trial version is valid for 15 days and is complete together all the features. See the related application to unlock the full version Poweramp (PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker) or use option "buy" in the settings for the purchase of the full version.
Frequently asked questions about PowerAMP v2.x
Q. My songs is not in the folders / library.
A. do sure that all your folders is firmly in PowerAMP Settings => Folders / Librarie => Music folder. Your original android-os Library has not been changed and no file has been deleted.
The library PowerAMP is a separate library, totally independent. When you have installed PowerAMP 2.0, the files have been transferred in your SD card or flash memory to the library, as specified in the music libraries.
D. Scanning folders / libraries very slow / blocked
A. Your SD card is damaged. Check for errors in your SD card using your computer or use another SD card.
D. The volume is too low. The volume changes in a strange way. another problems related to volume.
A. Try to disable the direct control of the volume in PowerAMP Settings => Audio Engine => Advanced Editing. Poweramp 2.x uses the direct control of the volume by default upon devices to medium-high 2.3. upon stock ROM it produces much better audio output. However, multiple client ROM or ROM defective while supporting the direct control of the volume, may have problems together this approach.
D. The PowerAMP 2.0 widget becomes white / non fiunzione restart the phone
A. This can happen if something prevents Poweramp take action to restart and update the management programs of widgets, or tweak autostart. If you use these application or tweak you should add PowerAMP (or / and WidgetPack) to the exceptions list.

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