Power Clean - Fast Cleaner 2.4.4


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 1.51 MB
Category: Tools

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Power Clean - Fast Cleaner 2.4.4

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Power Clean - rapid Cleaner 2.4.4 unfetter application for phones and tablets android-os is improved performance by the team LIONMOBI software has been released and is available for unfetter to users. May have experienced that after a while and install various apps, the android-os operating system is reduced and sometimes Lg·ha and delays in performance is observed. 1 reason for this massive accumulation of unnecessary files that occupy memory system performance overshadowed offense and is rapidly decreasing. By installing this application you can easily and quickly fix common objection early days to recover your android-os device. Of course this is just 1 of the features of this program is described Karbrdyst who went upon to another cases.

Features Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner:
Delete files Junk (unnecessary and redundant files)
Increase the amount of unfetter RAM by shutting down unnecessary programs
Ajrashvndh management program automatically (autostart)
Full management of installed applications and games
Ability to find and delete the apk files
Allows you to move apps to the SD card (if you allow the operating system)
Nvtyfykyshnha management
Show information about CPU, RAM, GPU, ROM, RAM, power and hardware information
Stop batteries commonly used programs

- power clean fast cleaner for android wap.

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