Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.3


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 3.11 MB
Category: Tools

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Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.3

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Power Button Flashlight Pro v2.3 software is an application to turn your android-os device into a flashlight by the software company Brink Technologies has been published and made ​​available to users. The different applications of this kind has been introduced, but this application is a key difference together them is that you need to call the Power button three times in a row, press the phone to become a flashlight incandescent. The interesting thing is that these applications do not need to rooted your android-os device, you can easily take advantage of it. It should also be noted that in the light of four consecutive page, press the power button.

Features Power Button Flashlight Pro:
Run the program by pressing the power button three times in a row
Quick access in case of emergency
Svrrt doing another things and cease upon the arrows upon the screen turns off
Ability to toggle the flashlight by shaking the phone (if the phone is turned on)
Having more options for customizing applications
bolster for android-os 2.3 and up

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