Plex for Android v4.3.1.362


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 6.46 MB
Category: Tools

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Plex for Android v4.3.1.362

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Plex for android-os v4.3.1.362 all your personal media wherever you keep them organized. By installing this application upon your phone can connect to the Internet to surf the pay media world. Note that 1 of the advantages this android-os application is the quality of the broadcast networks. You can also program your application through your search. The software is available through a variety of networks together high speed you can get. All pictures and videos can also personal to sit and watch. Upload files and share them to your friends consider using Plex for android-os is possible. Plex, Inc android-os is the name of the manufacturer of the software yesterday a new version is available for users.

Some of the key features of Plex for android-os Android:
- Plex media you together the details, artwork and another metadata (metadata) makes beautiful
- Plex automatically part of your media to on-the-fly for playback upon any device converts.
- Easily share your media together friends and home
- Browse and control your media upon any device Plex such as Google Chromecast (Plex Pass)
- Media Sync in your phone or tablet for offline viewing (Plex Pass)
- Sync your favorite cloud media service providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. So you can play media in the offline server. (Plex Pass)
- Access to a wide variety of online channels, including TED, Revision3 and TWiT
- Lines such as Vimeo and YouTube online videos in sites and watch them at a later time and upon any device

- plex for android for android wap.

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