PlayerPro Music Player 3.09


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 12 MB
Category: Music & Audio

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PlayerPro Music Player 3.09

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PlayerPro Music Player v3.09 + PlayerPro DSP pack 4.4 software is an advanced music and video player for android-os devices. PlayerPro has a beautiful interface, fast, and powerful audio-visual and configuration options. Moreover, the choice of several unfetter plugins for complete functionality, there is more than 20 shells, depending DSP, closed widgets and ...
PlayerPro for more than two years among the top five android-os Music & Audio category and is actively developed and supported.

- Browse and play your music by albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, folders, and album artists
- Browser video
- Automatically download album artwork, artist pictures and genre illustrations
- Change the user interface of the program by more than 20 shells unfetter
- Customize the layout, the choice between GRID or LIST views as
- See artist and album review
- Download, find and save lyrics in music files using standard ID3 tags
- Individual and group editing tags: title, album, artist, artist, album, track, year, genre, comment.
- Mixable audio effects
- 5-band graphic equalizer together presets and adjustable
- Stereo sound enhancement effects, REVERB, BASS BOOST, volume control
- Add unfetter plug
- Sound effects Dolby, SRS and Beats for HTC devices equipped together HTC sound enhancement
- And multiple another features

Digital Audio Processor is a plugin for PlayerPro PlayerPro DSP pack. This plugin is an incomparable sound experience together high-performance, 10-band graphic equalizer together high quality, deep bass and great sound effects virtualizer and customization options it offers.
PlayerPro DSPack a range of over 30 different audio formats supported by multiple popular and highly specialized. in addition, it contains routines that is Chshkgyry ARM-NEON power consumption is reduced.

- playerpro music player for android wap.

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