Planimeter - GPS area measure v3.9.0


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Planimeter - GPS area measure v3.9.0

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Planimeter - GPS area measure v3.9.0 program to calculate the distance and GPS. Planimeter a map cache line for all types of measurement (distance, area, angle, direction) in the map by Google (Google Maps) is. in this application, the distance between the points or cities in Google Maps and the area can be calculated in 1 place. The program uses Google Maps, GPS and place services network uses. Planimeter software can be used in industry for road repair, concrete, seal coating, covering, roofing, paving, fencing, underground utilities used. Also this program as a means of measuring the area for outdoor activities, field study, sports, range finder, planning a bike trip, find the golf course, measuring distances, golf, hiking, biking, running, track Jogging, measurement of land and pasture, garden and farm product planning, recording area, the construction, installation of solar panels (roof area estimation), trip planning, mapping and another useful things.

Some key features Planimeter - GPS area measure android:
- Accurate measurement of distance GPS, area measurement, calculation
- Metric, Imperial, meters, kilometers, yards, miles, acres and ...
- Distance between cities / pins
- The angle between the lines
- Navigation through the touch
- GPS coordinates
- Geographical coordinates formats
- Exact GPS settings
- Landscape mode for phones together large screen or tablet
- Management KML: open, save, preview, share
- Import data into Google Earth and Maps (KML)
- Sharing the GPS coordinates to a text message, KML, image via email, Skype, Google Drive, Facebook, Google +, Aynstagram and another social media installed upon your device
- Save images to SD
- View map / satellite
- Zoom in and modified points
- find locations together GPS and network
- find the address, postal code area
- Select the modified mode
- Remove all selected locations
- Processing smart way: homely lines highlighted area
- The purpose of adding the target areas upon the screen

- planimeter gps area measure for android wap.

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