PixelPhone Pro 3.9


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 6.74 MB
Category: Tools

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PixelPhone Pro 3.9

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PixelPhone Pro 3.9 software, the mostly popular and interesting to beautify and change the appearance of the android-os device's contacts. together this program you can be fashionable and convenient user interface and customizable interface for contacts and calls and calls to transform your gift. The application form phone book and phone calls to different environmental change so beautiful upon the phone and the phone calls is managed.

- Intelligent find through the fields of all contacts
- Sorting and display contact list
- View contacts in groups alphabetically
- A Quick Review of contacts using the scroll bar ABC
- View photos, contact phone number and company name

- Set a quick and easy favorite contacts to groups
- Browse smooth browsing contacts in a group or between groups (top to bottom and left to right)
- Different ways to customize the icons
- favorite action for any contacts (calls, messages, email, address, ...)
- Classic or widescreen wallpapers

Mobile phone:
- Quick find and intelligent T9 adjustable through all areas of your contacts and call history
- Supports T9 find using two languages ​​simultaneously
- Customizable keyboard size (small, medium and large)
- Speed ​​dial
- Hide keyboard, thwart filters

Call History:
- Sort by date
- Sort contacts
- History Contact restrictions (3/7/14/28 days to complete)
- Filter (missed calls, all calls)
- The date, type and duration of call

Card contacts:
- HD picture assign to contacts
- View all contact areas, grouped into categories (telephone, internet, address, ...)
- rapid switching between the contacts and call history
- Create, edit, and delete contacts card
- Clipboard bolster

- High speed. Quick launch. Animation and smooth scrolling
- Stylish design. Classic colors and detailed design of the user interface elements
- Convenient user interface. User friendly interface together a lot of interesting features
- Personal. Flexible configuration software interface and work according to your settings
- bolster and Development. The software is constantly updated according to the users request.


Changes in version 3.9:

- Fixed: Dialog styles
- Fixed: Highscreen Boost II contacts
- Fixed: Handset Dual SIM mode
- Fixed: SIM icons in call log

- pixelphone pro for android wap.

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