Pixel Gun 3D 9.4.1 + Mod + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 23 + 250 MB
Category: Strategy

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Pixel Gun 3D 9.4.1 + Mod + Data

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In the game you play as guardian of pixels Pixel Gun 3D 9.4.1 task you have to shoot the zombies and defend the city. You weapons such as Redstone Cannon, Glock, AK47, M16, Desert Eagle, Pistol, Uzi is that you have to understand the movements of all the buildings and obstacles Parkv and hook shooting. Zombies have invaded the city and you as a pixel pixel using the power and ability that the game gives you to shoot zombies and save the town in zombies. You is using maps that the game gives you the place and type of attack zombies to anticipate and prepare for the shooting to them. You will fight in different places of the city, such as streets, sidewalks, stores, into the passages and done. You must use the walking and running and jumping and you can pass it to the zombies and hook them home and do them easier to beat. The different types of guns for shooting games give you and just do your points by killing zombies raise and save more pixels so you can hook guns. This game is a pixel graphics and exciting music. New Christmas packages, new training camp, improved game balance fixes and changes in this version is a lot of problems.


Install and run the game:

- The installation files to download and install.
- File download and decompress the data. Com.pixel.gun3d folder in the path of android-os / Obb copy.
- Run the game.

- pixel gun d mod data for android wap.

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