PicsArt v5.1.5


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 28.03 MB
Category: Photography

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PicsArt v5.1.5

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PicsArt - Photo Studio FULL 5.1.5 android-os is a powerful program for editing, you will become an artist! It's free, together over 500 million once the installation is rapid gaining popularity among users. The practical application of a set of tools to modified photos, create albums and artistic images that is installed in the several programs at once, you will. PicsArt - Photo Studio 4.7 good rating upon Google Poly recorded.

Features PicsArt - Photo Studio:
PicsArt Collage Maker: a feature by which you can create beautiful collages
PicsArt Photo Editor: a feature whereby images can be edited (add frames, borders, text, clipart, rotation, color pen, etc.)
PicsArt Effects: Fine filters feature which can be applied
PicsArt Photo Camera: capability which can be applied to various effects photos
PicsArt Drawing Tool: a feature which can be used to draw pictures and do changes upon the images
PicsArt Artists Network: a feature that images can be made upon the basis of shared

Dear users note:

It is true that the Google Market application is free, but the unfetter version, you will have all the features and applications is available through in-app payments to buy the full version, but the version That we is in android-os Goth you've bought the full version and unlock the full features and application possibilities available to you.

- picsart for android wap.

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