PicsArt - Photo Studio FULL 5.7.1 build 183


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/30/2015 - 08:28
Size: 34.09 MB
Category: Photography

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PicsArt - Photo Studio FULL 5.7.1 build 183

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PicsArt - Photo Studio FULL 5.7.1 build 183 powerful program for editing images upon android-os that turns you into an artist! This unfetter program together more than 500 million times installation is quickly gaining popularity among users. The practical application of several different tools to modified images, create albums and artistic images is that by installing it in fact will have multiple applications at once. PicsArt - Photo Studio 4.7 good rating upon Google Play has recorded.

Features PicsArt - Photo Studio:
PicsArt Collage Maker: A feature by which you can create collages beauty
PicsArt Photo Editor: a feature whereby images can be edited (add frame, border, text, clipart, rotation, setting color, etc.)
PicsArt Effects: a feature which can be made beautiful filters
PicsArt Photo Camera: capability, which can apply different effects to photos
PicsArt Drawing Tool: a feature which can be used to draw pictures and do changes upon the images
PicsArt Artists Network: A feature that images can be made upon the basis of shared

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