Piano Companion PRO chords 4.8.812


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Update: 08/15/2015 - 02:10
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Piano Companion PRO chords 4.8.812

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Piano Companion PRO chords 4.8.812 Piano for android-os is 1 of the best applications for android-os has been released by the studio Songtive at a price of $ 3.99 in the Market , Google has put up for sale despite being good received money in the face and tens of thousands of times by android-os users purchased. multiple users need to play the piano upon their mobile phones. That is why numerous programs in this field is available so that users can simulate a piano in their cell phone whenever they wish, and is using it to play the piano and to enjoy it. This time in Goth android-os , 1 of the best programs likable piano together Piano Companion: Chords and you have prepared that can simulate the real piano in mobile phones has allowed users to your mobile phone, whenever wanted to play the piano there. Piano Companion is now considered 1 of the best simulation of piano sounds, is that, together the main buttons and also has more than 1,500 chords and 500 scales, can meet the needs of the users. Piano Piano Companion includes white and black buttons that each has their own special sound. The program vivid world of different languages, including Italian, Japanese, Russian, etc. support.

Some of the features and functionality of applications Piano Companion: Chords Android:
- Over 1,500 piano chords, and 6 reverse, including: major, minor, diminished, suspended, augmented, c, cm, em, h7, d7, bm, gm, fm, a7 etc.
- Over 10,000 scale including the Major, Minor, Chromatic, Pentatonic Blues / Major / Minor, Aeolian, etc.
- 12 keys Ruth
- Producer Chord Progression scale models (sequencer chords)
- Circle of Fifths healthy (Lap of Quints)
- Help to find a chord scale in the Circle of Fifths (Lap of Quints)
- Mark keys: English, Italian, Japanese, Russian, etc.
- Reverse chord & scale lookup
- Watch the treble and bass clef chords stake
- Watch the treble and bass clef scale of the stake
- View chords scale compatible
- Play chords
- Playing scales
- Play arpeggiated chords
- Audio bolster
- Offers scale relative
- Chord Scale compatible
- Flexible find chords and scales using the keyboard
- Library users together the ability to add scale or chord
- Ability to create diagrams of chords
- The ability to create and find measures favorites
- bolster for MIDI in chord / scale down
- Piano supports MIDI in (Android 3.1+ and USB host)
- And ...


Changes in version 4.8.812:

You will be able to send chords in Chord Progression into Songtive by tapping "Play in Songtive" menu button. Added ability to filter chords by Triads, 7, 9, 11, 13. another minor improvements. Added bolster for android-os x86 devices. Any questions or comments, please contact us at

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