PascalGUI Pascal compiler v3.99


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 4.4MB
Category: Other

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PascalGUI Pascal compiler v3.99

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PascalGUI (Pascal compiler) v3.99 is a GUI / small-IDE compiler is freepascal. PascalGUI processor ARM, x86 and MIPS bolster (MIPS currently does not bolster the graph).

You can couch your applications and run them upon your android-os phone. This program uses Freepascal compiler, so it has perfect features. PascalGUI can be used for educational purposes or to practice in Pascal language is used.

Some binary files used by PascalGUI under the GPL license, you can download the source code Freepascal used upon Freepascal SVN.

PascalGUI includes android-os Terminal Emulator so you can do your applications run good upon your Linux computer.

Quick Guide:
If you've found a error or not working, I (manufacturer's) e-mail (in English), cert.
You can compile the results (APK or binary) output of your own, to do this, press and hold the button to compile.
To "save as" to save, press and hold the button, press and hold to run together arguments upon the run, to open the File menu, click and hold upon the past.

Some components of this program is licensed under the (L) GPL, the source code to the constructor to receive email program.

- pascalgui pascal compiler for android wap.

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