Omni Swipe (ex-Lazy Swipe) v2.09 build 20900


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/28/2015 - 01:35
Size: 1.16 MB
Category: Tools

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Omni Swipe (ex-Lazy Swipe) v2.09 build 20900

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Omni Swipe (ex-Lazy Swipe) v2.09 build 20900 Name application for easy access to frequently used settings and installed applications upon android-os phones and tablets, which is published by Studio Pro Omni Studio completely unfetter and available in supermarkets Google has been made. The studio then change your name, your application has renamed it in Lazy Swipe to Omni Swipe has become. If the demands is presented in Goth android-os is that you're definitely in the previous version of the application together Lazy Swipe your loved ones had been served.
likable the previous version by installing this new version of android-os devices you add a hidden menu that gives you access to different parts easier and more personalized for you to bring. To do this, you can set the program to swipe up (down) in 1 of the corners of the screen, your menu will appear and you show different parts. Pop-up menu has three parts: Interact section that includes your mostly important contacts, the Favorites section of your favorite programs that you can add to it and use it to access the Toolbox section includes useful system tools and settings android-os is likable WiFi and Bluetooth.
android-os constant service goth note that android-os phones take advantage of their larger screens together a very difficult and at times very need both hands to do homely things help. in a test together this application upon the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 were great, the program was very effective and that some things (such as turning off WiFi) easily together 1 hand and flick on's . Finally, we point out that Omni Swipe 1 of the top unfetter apps upon Google Play that is presented in the popularity rating of 4.5 has won widespread.

Features Omni Swipe:
Added a hidden menu together installed applications
Smart Performance Program in sorting programs
Putting important contacts in the Interact
Small size and lack of resources involved
Having a Favorites section to add popular and widely used applications
Personalize together the bulk Toolbox
Having a beautiful themes

- omni swipe exlazy swipe build for android wap.

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