nPerf speed test & QoS 4G WiFi Premium v2.2.2


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 07/15/2015 - 20:48
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nPerf speed test & QoS 4G WiFi Premium v2.2.2

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nPerf speed test & QoS 4G WiFi Premium v2.2.2 more than a homely speed test, nPerf best and mostly complete tool for measuring the quality of mobile connectivity up to 1 Gb / s gives you!
Internet in Iran was facing a lot of problems, large and small, but perhaps the mostly troubling problem discussed is the speed and bandwidth. Thus, among the companies providing Internet service, together comparable functions to the option to go to the another competitors providing better services to customers.
Applications such as sinus OpenSignal and nPerf Speed ​​Test today will do the comparison and evaluation of performance is provided for the user.
Besides the website nPerf, mobile applications, it is also 1 of the best tools for testing the speed of the Internet is that it is able to note such as speed, load and speed Astrymyng videos to accurately measure browser.
Fortunately Mobile nPerf-up of all types of Internet connections, in 2G and 3G to LTE and WiMAX and WiFi support, so another than home Internet speed test can also examine the performance of the mobile Internet.
A complete test speed Internet nPerf tests (download, upload and ping), the test load web pages (compared to the size of the screen and the elapsed time to load) and the test load videos upon YouTube (the quality of 240p to 720p), which all results that it can be compared together another services in the region.
However, due to the lack of adequate information, this feature is not yet available for the country. All results can be shared upon social networking sites as a thumbnail image. Moreover, apart in testing the Internet, nPerf settings can be used to limit Internet usage to applications after reaching the data usage cap that you've set to alert you.

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