Nihilumbra 2.3 + Data


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/18/2015 - 03:59
Size: 16 + 445 MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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Nihilumbra 2.3 + Data

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Nihilumbra 2.3 graphics and innovative games for various platforms including android-os is published and available by the Spanish company BeautiFun Games Market Google has been made. This game was born in 2012 initially for iOS to see the multiple successes achieved in the platform. Arriving to fame, another platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo and Playstation consoles and android-os finally see the game in their ecosystem.
The story is interesting and a bit scary fiction in a flow, where you play as a small black spot of a large black mass (called the Void) and isolated in their find into the real world come true. During the escape in the hands of the masses, you must pass several large and small obstacle to reach a scarecrow. Arriving at the scarecrow and a bit of a switch and suddenly you is humanoid creatures become. At the same time, but during the rest of the sound is always together you and talk to you will reveal more details of the game, but the sound and is good together the atmosphere of the game you play in the sense of drown. in the game progresses colors will appear to you that you can distribute it around the material properties and the natural laws changed supplier. During this adventure always obstacles and enemies will appear in front of you that you will achieve your goal (true self) is open, but you must use the available colors and its ability to overcome the problem. For example, you can play around blue ground is frozen and slippery.
The game has 5 different worlds, each step, or rather their color and unique characteristics. Puzzles and enemies is presented in each of these different worlds and the challenges is different. It is also essential that Nihilumbra always positive game critics and users upon all platforms to have attracted, so that the score recorded for the game in the Google Play 4.7, which is truly score very high for a game.

The game features Nihilumbra:
Over 10 hours of gameplay
The revival of the classic games in a graphical environment and beautiful
Physical changes of the surrounding environment using colors
The flow of play in 5 different worlds
Take control together the buttons upon the screen or tilting the device in side to side
Great graphics
Very beautiful music Vshnydny

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