Nights Keeper Pro v2.6.2


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Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Nights Keeper Pro v2.6.2

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Nights Keeper Pro (do not disturb) v2.6.2 and comfortable sleep by blocking annoying calls you a gift. If sleep comes and just waiting for an important call in a person or you can use the program. together this software you can add to whitelist certain calls. You can set your program has been canceled by SMS to answer calls. in this program you can create specific profiles for different days of the week or time of important meetings to be protected in undue harassment. If you need to contact others who misbehave will be canceled by the program has been canceled, you can answer calls automatically send SMS.
Nights Keeper Pro acts somewhat likable a black list, but together the difference that in this software you can create a "white list" to you. You can use this software in a number of contacts Special groups put the group known as the white list. I then those who is not upon the list, you will not be able to do calls and can send you SMS or call you.
You can create multiple profiles separately for different days of the week that for example the number of contacts upon certain days of the week to be able to communicate together you and others in another day of the week can contact you. You can also create profiles that day or night. in this case, your phone will be available only at certain hours and at the time that you specify (the time sleeping or meeting) who is able to establish contact together you. It would be for those who need to work night and day short Astrahy be very useful.
The version that you have prepared, together the «Do not disturb» is. «Do not disturb» the typical profile is that it can use a widget upon the screen to have quick access and activate it. The ability to look up movie times going to the cinema or an important meeting, you can be very useful.
Nights Keeper is a feature that can be used to automatically contact the person who blocked the SMS message to the person understand that you is wrong and you is not good.
If you is waiting for an emergency call in the contacts in the whitelist, you can choose "Emergency call" or select emergency call. in this case, the audience after several attempts to contact you, to be able to do calls will be together you and you can call him on. You will also be able to put a special alarm clock, alarm volume and gains also will be determined.
The software also helps you turn off the Auto Sync, Mobile Network, Bluetooth, and WiFi at night to save upon battery life and more time to use it.

Some Features Nights Keeper Pro (do not disturb) Android:
✔ Insert sound alarm bells for the evening is a special time ascending
✔ Best Software for night time sleep appointments
✔ having a white list for some contacts
✔ do not disquiet is having access to some of your contacts
✔ send an SMS to the contact person is automatically blocked
✔ save battery life by turning off the Auto Sync, GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi

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