NFC Tools - Pro Edition 2.5 build 73


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 5.11 MB
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NFC Tools - Pro Edition 2.5 build 73

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NFC Tools - Pro Edition 2.5 build 73 is an application for the use of NFC tags, NFC has the ability to read and couch on. This program allows you to record information upon a label or functions Anafsy read and modified it quickly. When the device to an NFC tag near you this information available for you to show up there. You can find plenty of information upon the record label. another operations such as copying or deleting labels is available. together this program you can be part of various professional and communication systems to manage the AFC. Convert text to speech program has unique features and the latest technology in the world can give. Storage location, it is possible to configure a Bluetooth connection, the possibility of storing client data management features of this application upon your WiFi network is. NFC Tools Pro Edition lets you record or tasks directly in an NFC tag in the box. You can also directly and without NFC tag's tasks run.

Approached a label, the program displays the available information, such as:
✔ manufacturer label (eg NXP, Nokia, IBM)
✔ label (for example: MIFARE Ultralight, Ultralight C, DESFire, NTAG203)
✔ standard (eg: NFC Forum Type 2)
✔ available technology (Class Android)
✔ Serial Number (example: 04:85: c8: 5a: 40: 2 b: 80)
✔ size label and information
✔ If writing is possible and if the label can configure read-only
✔ all records (records) upon the label format NDEF

You can also send data in your own NFC tags, such as:
✔ Save a text
✔ Record a url
✔ Send a url to a program
✔ Save Email
✔ Save a contact
✔ Save a phone number
✔ SMS storage
✔ Save the GPS position
✔ Store Address
✔ Configure Bluetooth connectivity
✔ store client data

You can set these tasks:
✔ upon / Off / Toggle WiFi upon
✔ upon / Off / Toggle the WIFI Hotspot
✔ upon / Off / Toggle Bluetooth
✔ upon / Off / Toggle the Mobile Data
✔ upon / Off / Toggle off the plane (Ruth)
✔ Voice Configuration Profile: mute / vibrate / normal
✔ Adjust the brightness and the brightness level
✔ Set the auto-rotate
✔ Adjust the volume for ringtones and notifications
✔ Set volume for media
✔ Set volume for alarms
✔ Set the alarm
✔ Set the timer
✔ Set up a schedule
✔ launch url / URI
✔ commissioning work Tasker
✔ TTS (Text to Speech)
✔ configure a WiFi network

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