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Free download Download myMail for android and enjoy simple and smooth avatar based interface for your emails, you can download this app for free and make it your default mail checking app to enjoy smoother experience while checking your email. You can now download myMail for android from the Google Play Store. You can now add, delete and manage custom made folders within the app and this update are more stable and perfect. We have the myMail APK for download as well for those who can’t download from the Google Play Store. Download myMail APK: You can download the APK file of myMail from the link given below: NOTE: This app requires your android device to be atleast on android 2.2 and up for this app to work! Changes from myMail This are what the new myMail offers from this release: Add, delete, and manage folders within the app itself. - Create and manage simple filters for your messages; for example, move all messages from a sender to a specified folder. from addition, we’ve made a lot of minor changes and improvements. As you can read above, lots of changes from this update. Which of these did you like the most? Let us know from the comments below! For those who make not know to install an APK manually, we have a tutorial for them on the next page. myMail for android Features: Instant push notifications for any IMAP mailbox with filters, time and privacy settings Customizable and friendly interface with avatars and icons for popular services Instant search with contacts, and with phrase search suggestions Convenient access to local and server (Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Outlook, Live) contacts with suggested contacts as you type a name Built-in attachment browser: view files and images right from email custom many other small features, which can simplify your life and speed up daily routines
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