My Budget Book v6.3


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 2.8 MB
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My Budget Book v6.3

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My Budget Book v6.3 is not just an ordinary expense management. It is in pursuit of more effective management of expenditure and income and money to help you. together this program you can hook an idea of ​​your expenses over several months and see how much money you have available to spend. The software also gives you a graphical overview of the information so that it is easier to plan ahead to use larger and buying in months.
By this program you can set goals and limits for the different conditions of use. For example, the monthly limit for refueling or limit per week for their food and so on. You can also accounts such as credit cards or payment types you define constraints.

- Easy access. No need to connect to the Internet
- No registration
- Available in 10 Languages
- More than 100 currencies
- find Balance at the beginning of the month
- The graphical interface for planning your spending in the coming months
- Customize the overview by changing the number of past and future months to show
- Manage multiple accounts and move between them
- Greater flexibility in the selection of the first day of the month
- Classify all income and expenses upon a table or graph
- Filter your earnings and expenses according to months or years, as good as any another terms and periods
- Sort transactions by date, amount, title or category
- Powerful find function for specific costs and / or time periods
- Load Balancing to next month
- Orders management planning for the coming months
- Create a form to input their transactions easier
- Add the main branch and sub-branch more to hook a better overview of your expenses
- A quick calculator to calculate the amount
- guard your data together password protection enabled
- Export your data in HTML format or CSV (on the card SD)
- Create backups to prevent data loss (including automatic backup)
- Import your existing data using the import function CSV (only CSV file transfer folder "SDCard / My Budget Book" and insert it through the program settings
- 4 widget. Note: If you plan to move to SD card, you can not use the widget. This is because android-os system and it can not be changed.
- Use the integrated guide to find all the features of this program

- my budget book for android wap.

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