My Boo 1.14 + Mod


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 40 + 28 MB
Category: Simulation

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My Boo 1.14 + Mod


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My Boo 1.14 Maintenance fun game of "Bo" for android-os by Studio Tapps - Top Apps and Games has been released and is estimated to be around 50 million once installed. in the same game Pou , you is the owner of domestication that you should take care of him and Prvrshsh, for example, to wash him, to give him food and clothing beautiful cover!
For more variety of mini-games included is a variety of games that can entertain users for a long time. Play mini-games that do an interesting point about it is that it refers to the educational aspects of the mini-games is special attention, for example, pointed to teach counting and memory and for children dear It is very convenient. So, dear parents can have fun together this game along together some basic concepts to teach their children.

Game Features My Boo:
Naming and nurturing odor
Take advantage of a variety of clothes to smell
The smell of food
Different games together Bo
Wash Odor
Decorate the room smell

- my boo mod for android wap.

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