MiTalk Messenger 1.0.1264


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 19.50 MB
Category: Communication

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MiTalk Messenger 1.0.1264

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MiTalk Messenger 1.0.1264 also could reasonably be wechat another alternative software that provides specific features that you can join your friends and relatives to collect warm and happy hours by the software software spend.

Features MiTalk Messenger:
Group chat
Interesting and varied emoticons and Astykrhay
Video calling capabilities
Ability to send and share all types of media
Ability to send emotions
Audio and text chat feature
The ability to create group chat up to 20 people
Share place Mi World Service
Low consumption of hardware resources system
Having hook interesting
The ability to share photos and videos
Having a homely and user friendly interface
unfetter and no annoying advertising

Note: 6.0.902 version of the software in a number of Iranian websites and external curve is presented as an updated version of a customized version of the software for Chinese Yvzrhay that when you enter the software as and shapes Chinese ugly face that you enjoy using the software completely eliminates. Login page for the Chinese even software! But in this post 1.0.1167 version of the site is public and universal GetAndroid introduced the latest version of the software version that does not read Chinese language software titles and titles in English and nice. Select Language English Language as good as the software can be 100% pure English


Changes in version 1.0.1264:

- Solve problems and improve performance

- mitalk messenger for android wap.

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