Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile 1.6.5716.31680


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Update: 08/30/2015 - 07:37
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Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile 1.6.5716.31680

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Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile 1.6.5716.31680 Microsoft Hapyrlps application in the field of video time-lapse video that will help you hook a nice and smooth. The basis of long-term time-lapse video made short videos, by increasing the playback speed and the vibrations is eliminated. For example, when you go to walk, clear your camera and shoot all the way in the sight of the streets. in the end, this long walk you one-minute video (for example) that can spread in social networking has become. The application together its stabilization, your videos is clever editing and the final result, the slightest vibration will not see the video.
As you know, Instagram also recently launched an application in the field of time-lapse video recording, but in an unusual move, the application only for the iOS platform was released. upon the another side of the story, Microsoft has recently adopted a policy of customer-orientation and project garage together special attention to android-os users have shown their specific application in the field together the name "Hyperlapse", in addition to Windows and Windows Phone, android-os also has released an interesting point in this current liberate for iOS is the lack of consideration and perhaps significant that the decision by Microsoft. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile together feature films goodbye, and hello to Microsoft Hyperlapse.

Some Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile android-os application Features:
• immediate pleasure: Video recording, you will see over time. It is simple.
• Import existing video: another option: together Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile can have any video that you've taken together your phone, you create 1 time, instead of moving to a specific application and the video just in time.
• multiple speed: You can adjust video speed.
• Browse Salafi (selfie): Allow your friends to see your face.
- Share: Ability to share the video upon social media and popular video sites
- And ...

Beta versions is limited to bolster the following devices together android-os OS 4.4 or higher:
- Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 4
- Google Nexus 5 & 6
- HTC 1 M8 and M9
- Sony Xperia Z3
- Google Nexus 9 tablet

- microsoft hyperlapse mobile for android wap.

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