Megapolis 2.21


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Category: Simulation

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Megapolis 2.21

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Megapolis 2.21 - Mgaplys or metropolis is a super cute and fun game to play in the management style of the studio playmaking Social Quantum Ltd for android-os together over 50 million downloads of Google at the top of the bridge is the best strategy games . in this game you can easily create and manage a large city. Airport, rail, anchor, fuel stations and hydroelectric power plants, aviation and atomic including things that should do them care. Even to look at their finances and their source of income, you will not fail to work. The graphics is nothing short Megapolis not give a complete three-dimensional city. Mgaplys to create a sense of challenge and compete in the game, some things preset time provided that they do hook points. These points determine your rank in the general category.
It is important that manufacturers supply game after it had been abandoned, and every so often for updates to provide. Among the things that have been added in the latest update can be some changes in the appearance and display game information and also noted the addition of a mini-map. Tourism and transportation in the future to add Mgaplys game that looks something exciting. The Megapolis game in more than 20 countries and has 50.000.000 million downloads, control their quality and popularity, and it was not only the people who love games simulator is recommended, but can people the another entrance.

Some of the features of Megapolis android-os Strategy Management:
- Having awesome graphics and realistic three-dimensional (3D)
- The placement of more than 700 buildings and places together hundreds of construction materials
- Ability to work together its neighbors to the more rapid expansion of the city
- Take advantage of new and old architecture in the building of their own
- Create a city upon land or sea by players
- Includes a variety of amazing achievements to obtain and increase the excitement of the game
- bolster for all android-os phones and tablets to the large screen and small


Changes in version 2.21:

- Problems and improved game graphics

- megapolis for android wap.

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