March of Empires 1.0.1b + Data


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/15/2015 - 02:36
Size: 46 + 255 MB
Category: Strategy

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March of Empires 1.0.1b + Data

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March of Empires 1.0.1b is a new game in the famous company Gameloft in strategic genre that has recently been released for the android-os operating system. Classic battle between great empires began several hundred years ago. Can you as 1 of the greatest empires, the battle to win to finish the rest of the land to capture earn?
There is three races in the game and players can customize, choose one. Caesar northern, mountainous lands of kings and king of the desert, is the names of these races. Each race has features that are. indoors a few minutes, according to the educational sector can become familiar together these features. The pre-selection, a summary of the properties to be displayed for you to have the best choice.
Build a powerful army in this game in some cases that special attention must do it. Because wars and conflict that will determine what the Empire upon Hmkrany area. Any player who has the best army in the another players, can easily conquer another lands and put them under their control. Resources such as coal and gold mines to the raw materials necessary for the construction of your building inside the castle keep. Also, the resources obtained through looting another users. Naturally, any user who Ghartsh rate increases, he will advance at high speed.

Some of the features March of Empires android-os game:
✤ Select in among 3 factions: Highland Kings, Northern Czars and Desert Sultans:
✤ sent a powerful army of soldiers and commanders to fight together players around the world
✤ territory to attack users around the world to enjoy the spoils of plunder
✤ build a thriving country together a variety of different tools (instruments, sacred temples, reservoirs, etc.)
✤ tactical fight: to choose your battles if desired
✤ possibility of forming alliances together powerful systems management alliance
✤ for real and online chat together users around the world
✤ stunning HD graphics, exciting sound and a unique design

- march of empires b data for android wap.

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