MagicPix Pro Camera HD 2.3


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Category: Photography

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MagicPix Pro Camera HD 2.3

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MagicPix Pro Camera HD 2.3 also easily 1 of the strongest and mostly innovative photographic and video programs for android-os is a special feature of the program allows the photographer or the faster and better capture. This application has been downloaded by 100 million users. This software is an advanced algorithm to help organize and manage images more interesting and better quality tool that can capture or capture. When the MagicPix Pro Camera HD video recording in places where light can flash a little light upon your phone or tablet to keep the video quality better. together a homely interface program MagicPix Pro Camera HD shooting and capture rapid and easy icon program was designed so that photographers can capture a larger viewing area disappear and the camera remain.

Some of the features and capabilities of the MagicPix Pro Camera HD Android:
☑ user interface is very easy to take pictures and videos in less time
☑ manage photos and video in a beautiful environment to access it
☑ supports geotagging to add the images
☑ autofocus to focus upon objects in the image desired by the user
☑ additional features and excellent picture as Salafi or snapshot
☑ allows easy sharing of images in social networks or IM programs

A prominent feature of the program:
✓ homely interface: take pictures and videos together a homely interface to quickly and regularly. Subject to a maximum viewing area together icons disappear. Tap the icon to appear upon the edges. Use the scroll bar optical zoom. Use the countdown timer to the high inductance.
Control android-os Wear Smart Watch: use of intelligent wearable hours android-os smartphone to remote control your camera. Change the flash setting, taking photos together a timer, move the front and rear camera, or video camera to directly or remotely in your smart time!
✓ organize user-friendly: all the photos and videos is automatically sorted into albums that is editable by the user. Photos quickly searchable, editable images and captions. Enjoy the slideshow of images.
✓ Geotagging: Save geographical place photos
✓ Auto Focus: Focus your pictures, click or tap the desired area
✓ better lighting, better videos together the camera flash lighting to improve
✓ multiple additional features: Convert images or homely inductive masterpiece using different modes of professional quality photo editing, photo filters, white balance, color balance, sharpness and blur, photo frame. Instant sharing via email, bluetooth, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Drive, Dropbox, Aynstagram , Watts-ups and another programs that is installed upon your phone.

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