MacroDroid - Device Automation 3.3.6


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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MacroDroid - Device Automation 3.3.6

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MacroDroid - Device Automation 3.3.6 software for doing things upon your android-os device is automatically ArloSoft product of the company, which has recently been proposed for the android-os operating system, such as the features and functionality This program allows you to configure Doing so automatically and shows. MacroDroid excellent user takes advantage of a relationship and the process step by step implementation of the program and taught that work is very easy and convenient for you. The program can process more than 120 different types automatically by your device.
The software interface is very stylish together 1 of the best software in the field work is done automatically. For example, you can shake hands, upload photos to social networks. And anything else you need (as long as the settings for your specific job)

Features MacroDroid - Device Automation:
- together a homely flick of your files and prepared to share your
- Turn off WiFi or Data at the time of the launch of a special program
- Ability to quickly send emails and messages together very homely methods
- Change for the better performance of the key Power (for example, when you can put it in your pocket)
- Use of NFC tags to client configure the device (turn off Bluetooth, volume, etc.)

Dear users goth Android

Note that this version is fully patched and lacquered Pachter and Google is no need to bridge mode! Enjoy the full version!

- macrodroid device automation for android wap.

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