Maaii - Free Calls & Messages 2.5.0


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 10/03/2015 - 20:35
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Maaii - Free Calls & Messages 2.5.0

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Using the software Maaii: unfetter Calls & Messages 2.5.0 enables you to communicate together your friends and music, videos and pictures to share together them. If you wish, allowing you to call them and talk together them for free. It is noteworthy that this program is full of Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish support. It should also be noted that this application is used in more than 200 countries. It is safe to say it's much better than Instant wechat, Bytalk, is Mytalk.

Some of the features and functionality of the application Maaii: unfetter Calls & Messages Android:
* do unfetter calls using the application together your friends
* Voice calls to fixed and mobile phone first together 98% discount!
* Includes a variety of stickers and funny and unique animation and sound effects!
* Having a high-quality video calling feature using the ID
* bolster Timeout photos hide photos in specific time!
* find new friends using nearby is very nice!
* Supports group messaging to create a group chat together friends!
* bolster for 11 languages: Arabic, Indonesian, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese

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