Lucky Patcher v5.5.3


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 4.14 MB
Category: Tools

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Lucky Patcher v5.5.3

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Essential tool for the removal of license applications android

Lucky Pachter added to the latest version of android-os + Training

Download android-os software version Pachter Lucky Lucky Patcher that if we give a short explanation about the program in a short sentence should say: Delete license applications android-os routed the money sufficient to explain this software

Full details about the software Lucky Patcher: There may be some programs that you download in the site and the market for the purchase of software licenses and to alert you to purchase a license and you do not plan to buy, Lucky Patcher is provided to all features easily without buying a license before you can fully use android-os applications and games.

Of course you will need to use lacquer Pachter width that is rooted android-os phone you have and if you do not understand what it is and how to rooted your android-os phone will be routed click upon the bracketed text ( Ruth Ruth is and how to hook android-os ) to allow Using the program is provided to you.

A program to uninstall android-os applications and games offer a mobile license - update to latest version
Changes in the new version of Lucky Patcher 5.5.3:

- Added Google LVL simulator

- Convert Google Play mode or hacked into Google Play

- Update patch for custom

- Remove bolster for simulation LVL licenses and InnApp

- Redirect Reference to rebuild the apk file

- Fixed minor bugs upon some devices


- Remove the license of the software provided upon the android-os Market

- Backup software

- The output of the software is activated APK format

- Remove the software and data are

- Showing the proper way to remove the software license

Training will be updated to the new version.

- lucky patcher for android wap.

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