Lollipop Launcher v1.91


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 5.19 MB
Category: Personalization

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Lollipop Launcher v1.91

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L Launcher Pro - Lollipop Launcher v1.91 Prjla a launcher, highly customizable styles Lollipop (Lollipop) is. The launcher Mental excellent and rich features, the latest and greatest android-os 5.0 Lollipop experience brings to you. If your device users who is tired of the same look and stylish interface also likable to offer you our experience together the Launcher is because the high the characteristics of the self-repeated, and the elegant interface it themes will fascinate you together its beautiful. Wallpaper stylish and versatile, beautiful effects when changing pages, icon pack bolster multiple personal devices also feature Launcher is an android-os 5.0 interface, it will offer all you lovers.

Some of the features and functionality of the application L Launcher PRO - Lollipop Launcher Android:
✤ bringing android-os 5.0 interface upon all android-os devices + 4.0
✤ bolster Icon Pack by theme tune, APEX, etc. for use
✤ has a very beautiful and interesting effects when changing pages
✤ includes dozens Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers stylish selection
✤ display missed calls and text messages just likable android-os 5
✤ dozen different instruments sorting, hide program, DOC, etc.

✦ launcher upon android-os 5.0, supports android-os 4.0 and higher devices
✦ supports Google Now Launcher
✦ bolster for icon themes, icons compatible together mostly packages (such as Nova launcher, solo launcher, go launcher, apex launcher, etc.)
✦ transparent navigation bar and status bar (Android 4.4 and above devices, the Galaxy S4, S5, Galaxy Note2 / 3, Tab2 / 3, etc.)
✦ handy sidebar
✦ drawer features: Hide application, folder creation, sorting program, rapid Strip AZ
✦ drawer styles: horizontal, vertical, vertical lines
✦ Desktop transition effects and ample drawer
✦ great moves and move the Dock icon
✦ Number / unread notifications
✦ the interface size: small, medium, large, very large
✦ live wallpapers: parallax effect, blur, Multi wallpaper
✦ Backup and recover settings and layout Launcher
✦ into the layout of another launchers
✦ highly customizable, options abound:

[Desktop Launcher:]
+ Set Desktop Launcher Network
+ Adjust the icon size, color / text size icon, hide icon text
+ Option to lock the desktop
+ Hide find bar, status bar
+ Hide shadow, scale
+ Scrolling (scroll) infinite
+ Set the home ago Lanjr carpet to the left, middle or right
- Scrolling background image
+ bolster for themes such as icon packs Galaxy, iOS 8, Win 8

[Dock Launcher:]
Multi-Dock + pages
+ Number Dock Icons
+ The Dock icon
+ Hide Dock
+ place drawer icon

[Drawer launcher]
+ Set drawer launcher Network
+ Folder drawer
+ Adjust the icon size, color / text size icon
+ Transparent background

[Sidebar Launcher:]
+ Running in everywhere
+ Toggle rapid
+ Favorites, recent programs
+ Cleanser

[Launcher folder:]
+ Maximum rows and columns
+ Background folder
+ Style folder preview
+ Add to folder size
- And the ...

★ Features L Launcher Prime:
- Private Folder
- Super Folder
- Lock program
- Double tap to lock the screen, touch three times to unlock
- Transparent status bar for android-os 4.0 to 4.3
- Drawer style "vertical line"
- Number / unread notifications more
- Moremovers
- More transition effects
- Move icon
- 1
- lollipop launcher for android wap.

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