Link2SD Plus 4.0.8


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 3.46 MB
Category: Other

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Link2SD Plus 4.0.8

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Link2SD Plus 4.0.8 Using the software that can be installed applications upon the SD card transfer. This application has multiple similarities to the apps2sd performance, but there is two major differences together the popular software. First, in this application, you can choose exactly what programs is transferred to the SD card. Second, having a user-friendly environment that enables you to manage installed applications together just a few clicks of your pay.

Features Link2SD Plus:
Once installed, the program features automatic linking
Portability of the application that the memory card is not transferable.
Introducing the ability to send a client path to where
Remove Programs feature of the system
Freezing or freeze out of the system's functionality and user
Delete cache and data applications
Clear cache all applications together 1 click
Ability to sort the programs and display their details and find them by name
The remaining space is filled together displays and memory

- linksd plus for android wap.

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