LEGO BIONICLE 1.0.22 + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 270MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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LEGO BIONICLE 1.0.22 + Data

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LEGO® BIONICLE® 1.0.22 of Lego-style action-adventure for the android-os operating system, which has recently been published by The LEGO Group of companies. 6 hero named Pohatu, Kopaka, Lewa, Onua, Tahu and Gali Select Mamvryttan first robot in the world of Lego-like start.
Play LEGO BIONICLE masks land in the hands of foreigners and their abuse is happening, why have you given up Mamrvyt masks to withdraw and return home. Of course, in addition to the basic mission, Quest for players placed side and if desired, you can head to 1 of them and hook points. The number of positive and negative characters, you're far more diverse and the environment.
Along the route, there is a possibility to collect over a hundred items, but you should carefully consider your surroundings. The items available for purchase in the store, and the LEGO BIONICLE points you've earned, that you are. Overall, six of the island together fantastic atmosphere and interesting Lego considered combatants and after the mission of the island, you will enter another island. Note that if you work in the island before it is accepted as done, another world will not be Unlock you. LEGO BIONICLE game graphics image quality and detail is fully three-dimensional and the best audio profile is used to increase the attractiveness of each stage. 74 challenging stages in the hope of an Action-Adventure, enjoy the happy moments together your Lego series.

Some features LEGO® BIONICLE Action Games Android:
✣ contains 74 different missions in the island of legends Okoto
✣ 6 main characters together unique skills and abilities
✣ collection of over 100 different items to enhance game
✣ play in 6 different areas of the island Avktv to obtain masks
✣ heroes improve their skills in the endless struggle

- Download and install first install the game.
- Download the data file to decompress it. folder in the path of android-os / Obb copy.
- Run the game.

- lego bionicle data for android wap.

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