LectureNotes 2.6.8


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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LectureNotes 2.6.8

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LectureNotes 2.6.8 1 of the best and mostly powerful note-taking applications for the android-os operating system is presented. together this application you can use your notes easily (especially together the stylus) upon the screen of your device and save your entries. This software was initially developed to help students who need to design their speakers notes in teachers and speech, but due to its high performance attracted multiple users. Tblthayy together android-os 3 and above is the main target devices are, however, all devices together android-os version 3 and above can take advantage of the main features.
LectureNotes very good rating of 4.8 upon Google Poly recorded.
GetAndroid the program to students and those who donate their notes together your android-os device.

Features LectureNotes:

Show a page at a time
Zoom, typing, scrolling, and Writing upon the screen
Choice of length and width of the page
Choice of color for the mask and pages of notes, the choice Pattern (Pattern) to pages
4 standard colors for the font to change the font and choose in among 3 standard, having a cleaner 7 and 18 items
Ability to enter text via keyboard
There is different tools for different forms
Ability to cut, copy and paste between different pages
Ability to create multiple layers of notes pages
Ability to import images into notes (ability to capture images in the camera)
Ability to import PDF files into Notes (need to install PDFView)
Ability to store notes in PDF format
Ability to send notes to Evernote (need to install the application Evernote)
Sound recording (requires LectureRecordings)
Video recording (need to install LectureVideos)
Ability to share notes pages
Ability to attach keywords to pages of notes
Ability to manage Pages
Ability to organize notes into folders
Ability to create the backup and restore

- lecturenotes for android wap.

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