Lazy Swipe v1.71


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 0.982 MB
Category: Tools

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Lazy Swipe v1.71

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Lazy Swipe v1.71 software name is very interesting, practical and of course the popular android-os operating system programmer called by woody published and is completely unfetter and accessible to users. As you know, continuing to hook larger screens together android-os devices - especially mobile phones - working together a reduced possibility for an easy to use both hands. By installing these applications and settings you can use 1 of the bottom corners of the programs and various parts of the access. To do this, after setting the program you just need the right or left Svayp (on screen) has invited applications menu and various sections for easy access to your display. Appeared menu has three sections. The Toolbox that allows access to the WiFi, Bluetooth, turn the page, flashlight and provides these settings. Favorites second part is that you can access through your own applications. Recently named the third part, which you can see in this part of the latest applications used.

- lazy swipe for android wap.

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