Kingsoft Office 7.1


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Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Kingsoft Office 7.1

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Another powerful software Kingsoft Office 7.1 for android-os is reviewing the documents in the list of top apps of 2013 by USA Today had been chosen and the known site Gizmodo has also admired. All the features of this software is unfetter and android-os versions 2.1 and above support. Kingsoft Office has a homely interface and excellent features among users is more than 200 countries worldwide.

Features Kingsoft Office:
Advanced features for editing files
Beautiful appearance and user-friendly
Supports 23 different formats, including DOC / DOCX / TXT / XLS / XLSX / PPT / PPTX / PDF
Having internal file administrator for managing files
good coordination together the mail
bolster for cloud environments likable Google Drive, Dropbox,
Gesture bolster for
Having several different modes for reading files
Ability to open multiple files at once
Ratios and modified documents in Page-Layout or Web-Layout mode
Bookmark the possibility of making
Ability to store documents in PDF format

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