Kill the Plumber 1.0.6


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 07/01/2015 - 09:26
Size: 31.79 MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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Kill the Plumber 1.0.6

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Kill the Plumber 1.0.6 is a fun and engaging games for android-os phones and Tablet that has been called by the programmer Keybol been published and available to users. This game takes you to the past and memories of childhood for multiple of the players will survive because of its scenes and gameplay in the extremely popular game Super Mario (known as mushroom eaters in Iran) is. But the role that you currently play in the game will be completely different, and perhaps even expect it will not! This time you appear in the role of the villain and the hero plumber (Super Mario) upon the progress and eventually kill him! To do this you in the role of different enemies and different bosses appear to go against Super Mario. Of course, the passage of time and the current technologies and their impact upon Super Mario together him to all kinds of modern facilities equipped to see. hook ready for a challenging your face!
It is mentioned that this game is different and innovative gameplay for multiple different sites and editors is highly regarded and was admired and praised.

- kill the plumber for android wap.

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