KeyChord - Piano Chords / Scales v2.16


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 6.51 MB
Category: Tools

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KeyChord - Piano Chords / Scales v2.16

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KeyChord - Piano Chords / Scales v2.16 named 1 of the best keyboards piano this time for devices based upon Android, which is popular around the world. By installing this application you can easily piano piano sound piano and record your voice and then share together your friends. The multi-touch piano very useful and very stylish as well. You can even play the piano song as a ringtone to use and your friends hook surprised. Animation used in this application is designed to be ultra-professional. Sounds a bit rate of 128 recordings and share them together your friends. Now the chords used to play piano. It also includes a multi-touch 5-octave piano together this software you is able to find all the steps and chords to use.

Some program features KeyChord - Piano Chords / Scales Android:
✤ more than 50 types of chords (Chordtypes)
✤ more than 100 steps (ScaleTypes)
✤ names notes
✤ distance Components
✤ look up chords and scales, including minor chords (Partial Chords)
✤ Reverse chords / intervals
✤ Staff View
✤ types of chords (Chordtypes) and recent favorite
✤ hear every chord and step
✤ 5 octave multitouch piano in Mini Piano Pro Full
✤ recording MIDI format and set as ringtone 

- keychord piano chords scales for android wap.

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