Jelly Reef 1.2 + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 23 + 80 MB
Category: Brain & Puzzle

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Jelly Reef 1.2 + Data

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Reef clear Jelly Reef 1.2 new game in the style of adventure games in Game Oven Studios playmaking for devices together android-os operating system, which is designed truly to be creative. in this game you need to control the flow of the river, fish Jelly collision enemies, rocks and obstacles to Prevent, while egg jelly fish jelly multiple of those gathered to see the new born as good watch in front of your eyes! Just drag your finger upon the screen Jelly fish through the use of various obstacles and stage 1 after another leave behind! The game has homely gameplay and psychological, which has enjoyed double play. Also playing in different environments together a variety of sea creatures are.

Some of the features android-os Jelly Reef Adventure:
▣ to further control the flow of ocean fish
▣ starting an adventure and journey to the depths of the ocean
▣ play in various environments together sea creatures
▣ View a map of the sea to you
▣ collect eggs to increase the number of jelly fish
▣ HD graphics, great sound and good machinery

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