Iron Desert 1.5


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 27.25 MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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Iron Desert 1.5

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Iron Desert 1.5 is a game of strategy and exciting online for various platforms including android-os operating system that was released by Warner MY.COM playmaking and is freely available to anyone interested. in this game you'll have a military base together basic equipment to fight the enemies. As you progress in the game and managed to beat the competition, you will find access to advanced tanks and helicopters, you can use the hard blows to the enemies of the session. do not attack just thinking, why should your base against enemy forces have sufficient strength. If you're interested in the battles of modern and advanced military equipment, we recommend you install the game and go online to play against another users.

Game Features Iron Desert:
The battles is dynamic and exciting
Possible fight together another users and attack their bases
Tournaments is fun
There is interesting stories and missions
Excellent graphics and sound

After installing and running the game together the screen facing you in 0 to 10 MB download and then play runs - only need to download is the initial implementation of the

- iron desert for android wap.

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