Infinite Warrior Battle Mage 1.3 Mod + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 15 + 173 MB
Category: Role Playing

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Infinite Warrior Battle Mage 1.3 Mod + Data

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Play Infinite Warrior Battle Mage 1.3 of the game is exciting and beautiful android-os in Action style. This game is played by studio Empty Flask Games for android-os has been designed and supplied. The game is the best and mostly popular games can be exciting gameplay that will entertain you for hours. in this game you play as a brave warrior and a powerful story should stand against a variety of enemies to destroy it. The android-os using different weapons at your disposal is Dshman kill 1 after the other. During the game, the more enemies you kill them looted gold and equipment and collect points to upgrade your weapons and power. To destroy any enemy fighters can fight for gold and loot them and use them to buy new equipment for your own use, this game is completely three-dimensional design lovely and quality and highly realistic scenes to experience this wonderful game to have a unique action game. The battles in the game 6 places very exciting Crow's Landing, The Burning Sands, Kraken's Reach, Dragon's Hold, Frostwind Pass, and a new battlefield: The Blackened Woods is divided and you experience the game at six different locations Bashnh different'll .

Some features of infinite Warrior Battle Mage Action Games Android:
✤ offering +20 roads for use
✤ includes 40+ exciting and varied stage
✤ huge range of enemies together amazing abilities and strong
✤ eliminate 40+ strange creatures and giants
✤ customization hero together money looted by
✤ different types of achievements to hook you
✤ completely unfetter without pay indoors a game or incomplete

- infinite warrior battle mage mod data for android wap.

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