iKeyboard - emoji, emoticons 3.7.0


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 07/03/2015 - 21:53
Size: 18.89 MB
Category: Personalization

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iKeyboard - emoji, emoticons 3.7.0

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If you're 1 of those who default keyboard phone or tablet unnoticed and would likable to change it, we suggest you application (keyboard) iKeyboard - emoji, emoticons 3.7.0 is. The keyboard supports mostly world languages ​​such as English, Persian and Persian-speakers can be attractive keyboard. together this keyboard, in addition to increasing the speed of typing your text, you can hook more than 800 in the keyboard of your conversation. find not hook that specific upon another keyboards. Also, the keyboard has a different theme and mood for the show, which attracted a great deal of fatigue and repetitive typing it helps.

Some of the features and capabilities of applications iKeyboard - emoji, emoticons Android:
- Automatically and accurately predict the next word
- Contains over 800 beautiful emoticons
- Ability to use emoticons in Instant Watts-ups, etc.
- A large number of themes such as IOS7, Gorgeous, etc.
- bolster for over 30 languages ​​powerful dictionary
- Show suggestions for the next word, and to complete the current word
- Supports Text face as ʘ‿ʘ and ° ͜ʖ ͡ °
- Placing the customization of fonts, etc.
- Dozens of another features + interface is very beautiful and enjoyable

The keyboard of the sweet Persian language support.


Changes in version 3.7.0:

- New cute emojis have added, try them in setting page now. - Recent Gifs has added, easily to find the mostly use 1 - Dictionary could be update online now

- ikeyboard emoji emoticons for android wap.

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