iGest Premium - Gesture Launcher v2.6.0.7


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 3.90 MB
Category: Personalization

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iGest Premium - Gesture Launcher v2.6.0.7

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iGest Premium - Gesture Launcher v2.6.0.7 lets you navigate using only 1 finger, programs run, do a phone call, open files, see your favorite sites, and much more do. together this program, quickly and will increase your productivity when working together Andvydytan.

Some key features iGest Premium - Gesture Launcher Android:
Orders using touch gestures without having to unlock the device
A fingerprint scanner upon the lock screen
Poses the floating buttons will allow you to run anywhere
An advanced algorithm together high accuracy

IGest Why should I use?
- multiple of the features that you can do to improve the speed and efficiency by moving your finger to figure considerably.
- You can use gestures upon the lock screen and do phone calls or do another things. You do not even have your phone unlocked!
- Fingerprint scanner lock screen
- Floating button lets you use gestures at each location.
- Advanced algorithms together very high accuracy, you will learn handwriting style and detects all your movements.
- Beautiful and friendly interface will give you all the moves rapid and easy situation.
- IGest Google Play only program that supports multi-touch gestures. Try it!
- And ...

All that you have to do a gesture (movement) and its relation to the action required in this program.

By movements of the features that you can do:
- Launch programs
- do a phone call
- Open the Web
- Open Files
- Lock your screen
- Send SMS
- Email
- Activate the flashlight

- igest premium gesture launcher for android wap.

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