Ice Age Village 3.1.1a Mod


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 37 MB
Category: Strategy

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Ice Age Village 3.1.1a Mod

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Free download Ice Age Village 3.1.1a as much fun new game based on the animated Ice Age is supplied with strategic style. This game is known by the company Gameloft . And with over 100,000,000 million downloads on Android is the most popular game in the top of the figures in a village ice ice age is used. In this game user village where all the characters that live in the ice age, and runs from the village came into being. Ice in the village of sundries such as bars, swimming, fishing and other parts Tqryhy have been prepared for the visitors of this collection. Except in the light of strategic management style, including a variety of other steps made famous squirrel fishing! At this stage in addition to gold coins, nuts are also available when you get that kind of love that squirrel is nuts! The nuts are a great value for the character, but also market and by the variety of ways you can expand your village. Other parts of the village of ice can get gold coins and much more facilities for visitors, you will Khasl more income. However, the game is also very important factor is to achieve higher levels.Ice Age Village Android game features:✔ The availability of different types of buildings and unique decoration for the construction of village✔ can invite friends to play and build the village through Facebook✔ presence of all the main characters in the animated Ice Age game✔ beautiful music playing, relaxing and exciting at the game to increase the excitement✔ Full support for Google Play Games for friends✔ having stunning HD graphics compared to its low volume
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