Hide Pictures - Hide It Pro 5.0


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 06/29/2015 - 02:01
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Hide Pictures - Hide It Pro 5.0

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Hide Pictures - Hide It Pro 5.0 is a powerful and professional application for the protection of privacy upon the android-os operating system developed by Anuj Tenani. No doubt multiple users of android-os phones and Tablet their private files and demanded that these files is not available to others. This application has been made for this group of people because it has the potential of all videos, photos, apps, contacts, messages and even protect.
1 of the key features of the program by using the Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit AES military is unique in its kind and provides the highest level of security for your files. If you likable to prevent unauthorized access to your personal files, we recommend you install the program and use its advanced features. At the end of the program point out that Hide Pictures - Hide It Pro users welcomed very good located and perfect 4.7 rating in the Google acquisition is made.

Features Hide Pictures - Hide It Pro:
Secret program called Audio administrator
Folders for media files
Ability to select multiple files at the same time to hide
Hide file mobility between different albums
Lets you sort files by date, size and volume
together features such as zoom and slide the Gallery
The possibility of sharing images
Improved performance for low-cost android-os phones
Unable to play video
Hide the list of recent programs
Security 256-bit AES encryption standard
Having different plugins

- hide pictures hide it pro for android wap.

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