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Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Hibernation Manager v1.8

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Hibernation administrator FULL v1.8 in your device to save battery when not in use to help you. android-os devices is designed to work all the time, even when you do not use it! The program is designed at the time of not using the device to minimize power consumption. Hibernation administrator program helps you when you're not using your device, you can save your battery. When the screen is turned off, the CPU and applications to hibernate it takes to save the battery life of your device. It automatically takes you to the lowest frequency and voltage processor device may take the example widgets that update automatically and update their programs that they do not consume too much battery.

CPU hibernation (hibernation CPU)
This feature, CPU (processor) to the lowest possible voltage and frequency regulation ensures that savings giant battery.
CPU "brain machine" is constantly in the calculation of the request. For example, updating widgets, Czech out for software updates and so on. This computing power, a lot of the battery drain, and when you do not need to be used. That is why the CPU frequency to decrease when the screen is off.

Hibernation (hibernation) settings
Settings that you need when your screen is off automatically disabled (hibernate) is activated when the page of your choice.
If you hate the frequent change settings or just save more battery you want, this option is right for you. This is to enable the Hibernate configuration for the better, because this is only the currently active settings will automatically Hibernate.
You can Hibernate configuration (hibernation) to WiFi, mobile data (APN) and Bluetooth (BT) apply.

Hibernation (hibernation) Program
Battery discharge program that you need to disable when the screen turns off (hibernate) they choose.
Some of the programs you have installed continuous battery discharge some tasks in the background doing. For example: social programs. Status updates (status) and check new messages. If you use this program Haybnt, all tasks running in the background (services) stops, which saves a lot of battery. Hibernation (hibernation) more effective killer task (task killer) or any another memory cleaners.
Warning: If you have problems together some programs Hibernate has, hibernation (hibernation) specifically disable and restart individual applications.

If you have installed the following programs may interfere together this program and the program to work properly:
battery doctor, power manager, deep sleep, battery widget, battery monitor, battery calibration, rooted battery saver, greenify, memory cleaner, RAM optimizer, task killer

Fortunately Hibernation administrator also works upon non-rooted devices.

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