Hexlock Premium - App Lock Security 1.4


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/21/2015 - 08:55
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Hexlock Premium - App Lock Security 1.4

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Hexlock Premium - application Lock Security 1.4 is a security lock and a new way to guard your android-os mobile phone Karbraln is dear. Using and installing this security application upon the phone can be fully established security and password upon your applications and your password. Program enables all Instant will lock in the fastest time possible. You can easily use all the available items. The interface of this software is very elegant and stylish design in such a way that we propose to do not miss it.

Some of the features Hexlock Premium- application Lock Security application for Android:
Lock your programs, not your device
Without worrying about your phone to share. Now you can only lock the program that you want.
Auto-lock program
When connected to a Wi-Fi network is unknown, Hexlock to lock profiles automatically.
Set parental controls
Preventing children to pay into a program or changing your settings when they play upon your device.
Control your Privacy
Devices together peace of mind than personal applications likable Whatsapp, Facebook, Kik etc. colleague manager. They is protected by Hexlock.
Protecting confidentiality
Your device to share together your friends and be assured that you is safe working programs.

Hexlock What you can do:
✔ Lock WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS. Your messaging keep you safe!
✔ guard themselves in intruders. Lock your game!
✔ Lock your Gallery photos. guard your privacy!
✔ guard your social networking apps. Secure your Kik application and Facebook!
✔ lock their Systems. Control Wi-Fi, so your settings!

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