Handy Photo v2.1.8


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 46.9MB
Category: Photography

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Handy Photo v2.1.8

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Welcome to the world of creative photo editing!
Handy Photo is designed for fans of photo editing. This application is a perfect choice when it comes to fix and enhance photos in every possible angle.
* Settings tonal and color at global and local level *
Improves the overall look of your photos while making tonal and color corrections both globally and locally. Just swipe your finger and tap the screen a few times to turn pictures into works of art vivid and intense.
* Enhance your photos together ease *
Remove unwanted content in your photos together 1 touch. Retouching images in mobile devices has never been so quick and easy.
* Moving objects in 1 photo to another *
You can move objects indoors a photo or image to another together just a few touches? together the tool Move Me, the answer is yes. together this tool, the impossible becomes possible: Moves objects photos in places where you do not ever find it in real life.
* Partial application of filters to images *
together the powerful photographic filters for Handy Photo, including Black and White, Bleach Bypass, Color Standout, Development Crossed, Accentuated, Duotone, Fog, Glow, Gold, HDR, Halftone, Ink, Lomo, Photo Antica, Polarization, Polaroid, Sepia Drawing Pencil, Intelligent contrast, Objective Decentralized, Tiny Planet, Cartoon and Vintage, you can add images to any desired artistic effect. All filters is adjustable and, thanks to the functionality of partial application, can easily be combined indoors the photo.
* Added partial texture to photos *
Apply the exceptional texture of Handy Photo to your images for a truly original. You can choose in the following categories of texture: abstract, fabric, clouds, frost and ice, grunge, paper, water and wood. All textures is adjustable and applicable to the photos in a partial way.
* Modify only the cropped photo *
It is no coincidence that the instrument is called Magic. It makes it possible to change so inimitable clippings of photos. And thanks to it, you can straighten crooked horizons in the images without compromising its original size.
* Adding frames captivating images *
Before you show your photos to the world, it is important to frame them in an appropriate manner. The excellent collection of frames Handy Photo does just that. in the finishing touch to your photos by adding the following frames: Autumn Leaves, Cardboard, Film, Glass, Grunge, Halftone, Lace, Sketches of paint, Pencil Drawing, Photo Album, Polaroid, antique photo, Seashell, Torn paper and Vintage.
-How To selective photo editing
-Pennello Edge-aware
-Instrument Elliptical gradient Edge-aware
-How To partial application in filters and Texture
-Technology Retouching for advanced mobile platforms
-Technology Move Me for extracting and moving intelligent objects
-Instrument Magic Crop together inimitable modified function clippings
-Collection Of frames
-Edit Image together size 100%
-Support Of images up to 36 MP
-Support Of RAW
-Interface Intuitive and elegant
Distributed by the developers of TouchRetouch! :)
* bolster DEVICES *
All instruments have android-os 2.3 or higher and bolster ARMv7.
Depending upon the total RAM available, you can process images together the following resolutions:
2 GB of RAM - 24 MP
1 GB of RAM - 16 MP
786 Mb of RAM - 12 MP
512 Mb of RAM - 8 MP
less than 512 MP RAM - 5 MP

Download now Handy Photo and enjoy infinite freedom of photo editing!

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