Greenify v2.6 Final Patched


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 2.2 MB
Category: Tools

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Greenify v2.6 Final Patched

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Greenify v2.6 Final Patched together a unique approach in identifying and putting misbehaving applications in hibernation (hibernation) when you is not using it, to stop them in slowing down your device and the battery life you help. They can not do anything without your permission or launch another applications, while still maintaining full functionality when run will be in the foreground, such as programs iOS.

Greenify together the ability to access services, do not collect your personal information. It only uses them to automate everything.

New: Haybrnt automatically (Auto-hibernation) Now the non-root (non-root) also works, (you need to enable the feature set of experimental, requires android-os 4.1 and above). If you have enabled the secure key-guard, Quick "Hibernate and Lock Screen" or keep moving "Pull up" virtual home button to try.

Note: Greenify to a service running in the background to automatically Haybrnt needs. The program is designed and runs very light, together an average footprint of less than 5 MB of RAM, and CPU and battery consumption is close to zero.

Compared together another popular instruments together similar aims, Greenify offers the following benefits:
◆ Unlike the feature "Freeze" in "TitaniumBackup Pro" program is totally disabled, you can still use your usual applications, content to share. No need to freeze it and defrozen.

◆ Unlike "Autostarts", you can almost hook all the benefits without having to deal together the complexity and risk component of the program is ambiguous, and no loss of functionality when the application is running actively .

◆ Unlike the "XXX Task Killer", you never have to play cat and mouse devices running things as stealthy and aggressive fall does not kill.

If the problem is low speed and Hong android-os device, you use this program very useful to speed up the device together your eyes!

1) Please Greenify all previous versions and delete Donation Package installed.
2) Greenify install.
3) Xposed Installer to install.
4) Xposed installer open, greenify select modules in the fever, fever open framework and then install / update button and restart the phone.
5) Done!

Greenifing system programs also work in this version.
Important: Please click upon "Check" in Xposed Installer Greenify sure the module is enabled.

- greenify final patched for android wap.

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