Greenify 2.7 beta8


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/28/2015 - 02:13
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Greenify 2.7 beta8

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Greenify 2.7 beta8 program that plans to identify bad performance and when they is not in use, disable them. multiple android-os apps is not closed after the exit and cease in the processing device. together this application, your android-os device after installing multiple applications, the battery will not fall too much speed and consumption. The program unduly manage the programs that is using the CPU and another system resources is phones, increase the speed and reduce power consumption and speed up your phone as the first day.
Greenify program of work is quite different compared to similar applications so that you can easily learn the software needed to read as soon as they run. Methods and software so that the program cache disabled phone, but as soon as you run quickly be summoned. HS is different than all another programs so that unlike the Auto starts can use all its features representing the Friendly user environment or against programs that attempt to close Task Killer information, and this in itself is a unique feature.

Highlights of the program:
✔ If the program you have installed upon your phone before you remove it before installing the new version and click Clear Data.
✔ If programs likable TitaniumBackup Pro, Task Killer or Autostarts have installed upon your phone, we recommend to install this app, delete it, as it may interfere together Greenify and prevent the proper functioning of the software.

How to activate the program modules:

- To activate the program modules Xposed Installer program to download and install.
- Run the program, go to the Framework.
- Click upon install / update key to install the program and restart your phone.
- Xposed run the program again and uncheck the Greenify click Modules.

- greenify beta for android wap.

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