GPS Waypoints Navigator v8.53


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 11MB
Category: Personalization

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GPS Waypoints Navigator v8.53

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GPS Waypoints Navigator v8.53 is 1 of the mostly powerful GPS apps for android-os devices. This is a smart navigation software together dozens of options to explore the country's waterways and roads. Set of tools in the software package, it will quickly become your best friend. You can not use the network, routing uses GPS to pay, just to have a good view of the sky. You can place important information to share together your friends to find your place and trails.

- Online and Offline Map: Select maps in various sources: Topo Maps, Google Maps, Satellite Maps, OpenStreetMaps- MapNik, Mapquest, Cycling Maps
- Import and Export your data paths and Software
- A panel for all your GPS parameters
- A compass navigation
- Record your path traveled
- Save it as your current place or enter a url
- report of satellite signals, including satellite
- Display bar graphs and mapping satellite position
- Email the map of your place (requires software upon the device's routing)
- Sync together Google Earth
- Car Odometer / Speedometer / Estimate Arrival / time remaining
- The data for maritime navigation and routing
- bolster for multiple formats Coordinates: Latitude / Longitude as degrees, deg: min or deg: min: sec, UTM, MGRS
- Proximity warning
- Detection height
- The time of sunrise and sunset (no need to connect to the Internet)

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