Google Slides 1.2.332.12.36


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/29/2015 - 05:35
Size: 35.90 MB
Category: Education

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Google Slides 1.2.332.12.36

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Google Slides 1.2.332.12.36 application that allows users to use their android-os devices to supply presentation slides for beauty. It's officially the largest by Google published just likable Windows PowerPoint presentation files to create and share among friends. It should be noted that this program fully supports PowerPoint files, so you can import them into your android-os device via this program and view or edit.

Features Google Slides:
Ability to create new presentations or modified items made previous
The ability to share and work upon an array simultaneously
Microsoft PowerPoint file bolster
Ability to rearrange slides, shapes and text formatting
View to see via android-os
Automatic storage of files by typing any word


Version 1.2.332.12.36:

* Change and apply layouts * error fixes and performance improvements

- google slides for android wap.

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